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Put Them On!

Adidas_SneakersNow that I’ve admitted I’m a flip flop, slip on and barefoot kind of gal, wearing shoes is different for me.  My normal routine I get up and put my house slippers or flip flops on while doing chores and working, I work from home most of the time.  Wearing these type of shoes aren’t the best when it comes to getting moving and since ‘get moving’ is part of my new premise for losing weight, I decided:

Rule #1: Put Them On!

When I leave my bedroom for the day, I now put on socks and sneakers so that moving around will be easier, faster and more efficient, as well as healthier, since sneakers provide arch support and cushioning for feet, which in turn helps the joints and back .  At first it was hard to bend over and get them on and tied as bending over to get to my feet wasn’t easy in the beginning as I found hunching over squished and made me lose my breath and became quite a task, maybe one of the reasons I started opting for slip-ons and flip flops in the first place.

Once the sneakers are on and tied, I’m ready to move.  It’s weird that you can put on a pair of sneakers and actually feel like walking around and moving around.  Weird, but it works!  Especially if the shoes are brand new with cushion and spring in the soles.

I discovered running laundry around is faster, vacuuming is faster, cleaning and organizing seem to be faster and easier and more efficient.  Going outside, taking things to the garage and just simply moving around seems more motivating with proper shoes. I also found that I was more willing to take extra laps around the house to increase my steps for the day.  It also helped me feel like doing errands, like grocery store, bank and post office visits.

Make sure to get shoes that have support and make your feet feel good.  There are tons of shoes to choose from, but selecting the right pair for running errands around town and getting things done in your home is one of the best investments.  I prefer Adidas foam knit boost shoes because they are light and feel like I’m not really wearing shoes.  Get it?  So, go out and treat yourself to one of the first tools to losing weight.  A brand new pair of sneakers certainly makes it easier to ‘get moving’ right away!


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