Armour Down!


Now that I had found the solution to my bouncy bust issues and amouring up the top part of my body, it was time to solve the belly bouncing and amouring the lower part of my body.  I’m shaped like an apple which means I carry my weight very well, however it’s all out front and in the middle of my body.  I tend to have back pain and discomfort because my weight is not distributed efficiently and therefore my back works much harder to keep me balanced.  Thank heaven, or I’d just fall flat on my face!  My poor back though!  My bust is large and my belly is even larger.  After having a few babies, it’s been stretched beyond its limits and then I had just given up.  It was vital to keep the belly in tight so I wouldn’t have to hear myself clapping for myself with any amount of jogging, jumping or exertion.  Those who have large bellies know what I mean by clapping for ourselves.  To hear such a thing is humiliating and thus I needed to stifle it right away or there was zero chance of any exercising to take place.

I thought a girdle was what would be the solution, however after hours of research and past experience, I knew girdles didn’t breathe well and definitely didn’t allow for good free-motion movement because they were so constricting.  I shopped the internet for anything I thought may help, but kept running back into girdles and Spanx.  Every time I ran into Spanx I giggled and thought there was no way anything from them would help the clapping.  I remembered my son who played football always wore compression shorts because he said it kept things tight and they also allowed the skin to breathe, so I figured I might be able to find a tight fitting compression short that may provide enough support to handle the job.

I again found myself remembering Biggest Loser and their biker shorts, so I looked them up and found the brand.  I’m glad I read the customer reviews because if I hadn’t I would definitely have a pair of biker shorts that would be too small and therefore provide an excuse not to exercise.  I wasn’t looking for excuses, I was looking for solutions!  I ordered from an online company called, A Big Attitude, and purchased the Power Legs Bike Shorts for $52.00 + tax.  Other online companies carried the bike shorts, but they charged a few dollars more or their shipping was more.  The Power Legs bike shorts also come as pants if you prefer.

When they arrived, I tried them on and realized there was no way I would ever wear them alone to any class or gym, basically never out in public, but they would be perfect for under any workout bottoms I chose to wear.  I did the jiggle test and jumped up and down and pretended to  jump rope and do jumping  jacks, check, they worked! They fit snug, I mean really, really snug to the point of being laughable while putting them on, but they didn’t limit my movement and they allowed me to breathe, not just my skin.  Pretty important since passing out during a workout was not on my list of to-do’s at any time!

When I say I’m putting my armour on to go work out, it’s not a joke.  It truly feels like putting on an armour to constrict the girls and belly from bouncing.  All that was needed was an oversized T-shirt (because I’m obviously not past the tent stage) and some workout bottoms and I was good to go!  Get your workout gear ready for any type of workout that you may chose.


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