Armour Up!


Before I could even consider ANY type of exercise, I had to address the elephant in the room, literally!  I hate jiggling in any way, shape or form so I needed to find the very best in under garments to keep the girls tied down and belly snugged tight.  This wasn’t an easy task, but I DID find the best armour for myself and will share my findings.  I know armour is to protect from the outside getting in to do damage, however, in my case, I had to protect the outside from the inside getting out and doing damage!  Armour is basically damage control.

My bust is larger than average, even when I was thin, I was still a solid 36D.  Oh to be young again!  Gravity has been cruel over the years, so additional support for the girls was paramount.  Nothing worse than running or jumping because frankly, it hurts!  Smaller bust women are truly lucky.  Embrace what you have and know you can run or jump anytime and go without a bra as well without issues.  I however, am not so lucky and therefore had to find the most supportive bra available, sport or otherwise if necessary.

I began by searching for strong support bras.  I viewed hundreds of bras and reviewed the way they were made.   Where the straps were located, what type of material was used, adjustment notions used and type of material whether plastic or metal.  I laughed at many of the sites describing these so-called strong support bras, because looking at the bra was the first obvious indication if it was going to hold the girls or not.  If the photo showed a lacy bra, then it was a definite NO.  If it looked like a regular bra, again it’s a NO. If the straps were small, then it was a NO because I knew just a little jumping or running, the strap would have fallen off my shoulder in an instant or worse, busted (there I go again!) while in motion.  When I landed on Victoria Secret’s page with their front enclosure double sports bra, I was encouraged, but then reading the reviews, it was hilarious and telling.  One gal had it burst open, not sure if during a workout, but I couldn’t imagine!  I’m sure she wasn’t even as big as me (it didn’t come in my current size), so I clicked away from the site and onto the next.

There were many strong supporting bras available that looked like they would work, but with each I decided, found they didn’t come in my size when I attempted to order.  I was glad many sites had customer reviews, because that was going to play a huge role in determining my new piece of armour.  After searching for a few hours, I remembered how I used to watch Biggest Loser and always thought given the contestants sizes, their sports bras seemed to work well for them, so I searched what brand the show used.  I found they used the Enelle bra brand, and then searched several websites that carried the brand the cheapest.  I also read ALL the customer reviews and found the sports bra worked very well for others for high intensity workouts which is what I needed.

Although it is sold as a sports bra and is shaped as such, it is really a bra and needs to be covered because the fabric is shiny like a bra and is front enclosed with hooks, like eight hooks to be exact!  I purchased a white one in a size I determined based on the customer reviews because of the way it fit.  I was so glad I had read about the sizing because when I received it, it was the correct fit.  If I had ordered true to size, it wouldn’t have fit at all.  This was important because the day I decided to use it was within days of receipt so there was no time to exchange and therefore NO excuses!

When I tried it on for the first time, I seriously felt like I was putting on armour, but it was more like putting on a corset.  I could breathe, just barely, but I could.  I put that bra to the test immediately!  I jumped up and down in front of the mirror for a few minutes, jogged in place, did a few jumping jacks, bent over and swung side to side.  This bra was going to work!  I was thrilled as this was one of my biggest excuses not to exercise.  Once I had a solution to my excuses, I knew I would be able to move forward with my new lifestyle which would include exercising regularly.


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